How to hire lawyer on permanent basis?

Advocate required on permanent basis at Mumbai

You can first approach lawyers and ask them their specialization and later on you can also verify whether they are handling similar company in which your subject matter relates. You can share them the volume of work and the type of work required by your organization and accordingly ask them to send quotation for the same. There can be case to case wise quotation for dealing the legal matter or a gross monthly payment to be made to lawyer. Once the permanent lawyer sends you the quotations you can bargain with the quotation amount and finalize the deal and enter into retainership agreement with the lawyer on permanent basis. You can insert your own terms in the retainership agreement after mutually deciding with the lawyer.

Procedure to hire a lawyer in India

There is no specific procedure of hiring lawyer in India. You can ask your reference for the same or you can just Google them and verify their contents by meeting them personally or asking them to send their profile. You can hire lawyers dealing with subject matter of your business. Once the lawyer sends you the quotations for being your lawyer, you can bargain with the quotation amount and finalize the negotiation and hire him as per your need.